●Scientific approach: We use a biological approach (Testing 2.0)rather than conventional chemical testing (Testing 1.0).

●Cost efficient: Fishes are cost efficient, easy to maintain and have fast cycle time.

●Time efficient: Test results can be obtained in 2 days.

●More comprehensive: Fish genome is strikingly similar to humans’( share 84% disease genes) ; They have proven capability to screen more than 1,000 toxicants at one time.

 According to the EU Directives (86/609/EEC), fish embryos are not considered as lab animals. The fish embryos test (FET) model is greatly supported by Cruelty Free International as one of the RAT (Replace Animal Tests) models.  

 The testing is cruelty free and ethical.

 Reference: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/RATlist

Our in-house laboratory is the FIRST & ONLY testing lab in Asia accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, HOKLAS and HKQAA platinum standards offering in vivo toxicity screening methods comply with EU Directive(86/609/EEC) as alternatives to animal testing powered by resident European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) accorded by EUROTOX. 

The fishes we use are vertebrates, whose genomes are completely sequenced. These species share many physiological similarities with humans, including organs such as liver and heart.

 Accuracy: Unlike chemical testing, we do not test chemicals individually.

 Comprehensiveness: However, as a biological approach, we examine the mixture as a whole.

●EDC stands for Endocrine Disrupting Chemical. It is a chemical that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife.

●EED stands for Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors. EED is a type of EDC - the most harmful type. 

●Cosmetic and skincare

●Food and beverages

●Cooking oils

●Environmental samples, e.g., water and sediments

FET( Fish Embryos Testing ) is the core technology we use to generate the insights for the reports.  It is a relatively new concept for the FMCG industries. Fish embryo testing is much less costly compared to traditional animal models in safety screenings.  It makes this model the perfect alternative to cruel animal testing models.

This technology is revolutionary to many food retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and even government regulatory bodies. Many of them have already contacted us to improve their supply chain management e.g. in gutter oil scandal and new product development for skincare and cosmetics products. Now they can stop worrying about hidden risks and undetected chemicals. 

With Test-it™, comprehensive and affordable biological testings can be conducted. 

We are proactive in making these reports public, largely because the FMCG industry remains very passive about new technologies like FET.  We’ve received strong responses from the most forward-thinking manufacturers and retailers, but existing corporates are slower to embrace. The only way to break through that wall is to be heard, and we’re confident the Test-it™ Reports will help us achieve that.

It is our goal to benefit both the industry and consumers by improving product safety insights through the reports. 

The reports are completely self-funded by Vitargent.  No outside entities funded the reports or had any influence or contribution to the research, sampling and testing.  Our data and findings are completely objective.  We don’t accept samples from brands to ensure the objectivity of the reports. This is something we can’t stress enough.

What we offer is the most comprehensive data, but nothing is 100% safe in science.  Our information is to enhance the “safer” concept and fill in the existing product safety data gap.  The core advantage of our test models is to provide an overview of the tested objects regarding their toxicity levels in a living organism.  There are over 100,000 commercially available chemicals, many of these are unknown EDCs, which have detrimental effects.  Due to the development of the “mixture effect” of chemicals, it is extremely difficult to test without a biological and effect-based method like ours.

We know that most chemical labels on product packages are unintelligible to even the most educated consumers.  Our experts will make sure products in our Green category does not contain any chemicals that are associated with health complications, eco-toxicity, contamination by scientific safety evaluations, or are banned by the following governmental agencies and authoritative bodies:

●US: USFDA’s ‘Summary of colour additives for use in the United States in foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices’ and ‘Prohibited & Restricted Ingredients’

●EU: European Commission No. 1223/2009

●China: China FDA’s ‘Safety and Technical Standard for Cosmetics’ (2015)

●Japan: Japan’s ‘Standards for Cosmetics’ (2000)

All samples used in the reports are independently sourced from major retailers with full purchasing records.  Our sample pools are representative of all international, regional and local brands. 

Good laboratory practices.  Our in-house testing laboratory is certified to the highest standards.  We have been accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for technical competence in the filed of biological testing since 2013.

Each sample is processed and analysed in three independent replicates to ensure that any signal we see is reproducible. In addition, both positive and negative controls are in place for each batch of testing samples to eliminate the possible error due to the contamination.

Thus, the chance of contamination is close to zero.

We release brand names in Green category only to celebrate the winners with the highest product safety standard. We do not undermine the hard work of the industry. Our goal is to provide insights. We aim to help identify the strength and weaknesses in their supply chain, so they can improve product safety accordingly. 

We do welcome any regulatory authority, retail and manufacturers to contact us for product safety solutions. 

We are planning to write monthly or bi-monthly reports in different categories over the next 12 months, including coffee, ice-cream, dairy, yogurt, baby food and skincare, face cream, mask, lipstick, lip balm, foundations, toothpaste, baby food and skincare.  We will update you when they are ready.  Please stay tuned on our website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Wechat, Weibo and LinkedIn. 

You can support us by sharing our reports via your social media platforms and buying products in Green category only. Given the high volume of data, incorrect information may occur, for example typos, package and composition change compared to our records. You are welcome to inform us of the changes. We are happy to update it as soon as possible. 

●Satisfies consumers’ need for product safety transparency

●Enhances quality control

●Prevents product safety scandals

●Brand building

●Takes corporate social responsibility

We will refer you to our technical supporter – Vitargent. They can provide the following services:

●Testing service: sends testing samples for testing service.

●Technology Licensing: use our technology to test products; we provide technology training.

●Consultancy: provides consultancy services to assist clients to improve products quality.

Please contact us for service details.

All the results are kept confidential. Data from customers is never used in any of our public reports unless we obtain consent from clients.

●NGOs: For NGOs that share our vision, we will provide them with complimentary testing results and discuss the process of publishing.

●Retails: Retails need to contact us to use our product certificates

●Financial community: Investment agencies and investors can use our complimentary testing reports for non-commercial purposes. For premium tailor-made services, users need to comply with NDAs. 

●Brands: Brands are welcome to send us product samples for testing services, which advances our technology to the industrial standard. 

●Consumers: Consumers may not send samples to us individually, but they can inquire about missing brands.

●Financial community:  subscribers of our premium service can contact us for tailor-made testing and consulting solutions.

●Others (NGOs and media): Other partners like NGOs and media are welcome to contact us for specific inquiries.