Higher supplement intake during the pregnancy the better? Test it WGO once again joined hands to announce a list of 17 safe health supplement to safeguard you and baby's health!
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Whitelist:  preganacy health supplement

Nowadays there are increasing number of people choose to consumer health supplement to meet daily needs. In particular, Chinese expectant mother who want their children to win from the start line will chose intake supplement because they think it will nourish their body and it will benefit the baby more.

However, supplement is most likely to cause side effects when people take many supplements in combination. For instance, excessive intake of vitamin A can cause acute poisoning, nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision. Thus it is critical to choose your health supplement during your pregnancy under guidance which provides better protection for you and your baby’s health.

Test it and WGO has announced 17 products of Green fish products which are safe to consume.

Green Fish List

Testing – Three Defence Methodology

Samples are sent to 3 internationally renowned laboratories for ingredient, chemical and biological checking tests- Three Defence Lines Approach.

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